Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Russian Lukoil eyes profit in Iraq

Published 09 February, 2010,
Russia's largest private oil company, Lukoil, has told RT it can make a profit from its huge investment in Iraq.
The head of the firm's overseas operations, Andrey Kuzyaev, admitted that these days they must take risks to make a profit. West Qurna contains the world's second largest known oil reserves. In December Lukoil and Norway's Statoil won the right to develop stage 2 of the project. The companies will earn only $1.15 a barrel under their contract with Iraq's oil ministry, but Kuzyaev says the $30 billion investment is worth it.

Deposits in Iraq are incomparable with those in any part of the glove. Developing the worlds largest hydrocarbon fields stimulates technology and supports contractors with Russian companies among them.