Friday, July 23, 2010

Oil Spill Workers Developing Mysterious Illness

Because drilling can bring warm fluids up from depth, potentially melting the shallower gas hydrate, many researchers and engineers anticipate that drilling through gas hydrate may pose a hazard to the stability of the well, the platform anchors, the tethers, or even entire platforms
Air tests from the Louisiana coast reveal human health threats from the oil disaster. The concentration threshold for hydrogen sulfide is about 5 to 10 parts per billion. Last Thursday, the EPA measured levels at 1,000 ppb.
Ambient air standard for the VOC benzene, for example, is 3.76 ppb, while its standard for methylene chloride is 61.25 ppb. Air testing results show VOC concentrations far above these state standards. On May 6, for example, the EPA measured VOCs at levels of 483 ppb.
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Here is more info about the gulf gas oil eruption going on.

Me and a friend were talking today and I though maybe you could use this info, it mostly regional stuff, but you might be able to put it in a more global context for us..

Let me know what you think about this methane glazer thats down under the Gulf and what sort of related stuff you know about present conditions globally that could be effecting it.

This is raw stuff, it might not be 100% but it is good intel...


Its a gas-oil eruption and there are several plumes not just the one around the horizon rig..

The gas and oil coming out of the plume you see on tv totals less than 2% of the gas and oil being released into the waters.

There is a core methane hydrate deposit, the largest known to exist.

In fact if it is allowed to escape, when it burns off it will consume all the oxygen within the whole of the atmosphere of the entire earth, no more air for anything to breath not just fish, it really is Pandora's box these ass clowns opened up.

What is fueling the eruptions is the reaction occurring from the frozen methane hydrates transforming, faster and faster, from a frozen solid state to a liquid, then rising and finally turning back into gas, it is a chemical reaction that is the power source behind the eruptions, not the normal volcanic activity.

Think of it as an underwater methane glazier that is melting as a result of the changing pressure and temperature of the planet.

Who knows if it would have remained frozen if BP wouldn't have been doing experimental exploration.

Really its just a small part of what you see taking place around the world with all the earth quakes and volcanoes going off everywhere.

Mainly the volcanic eruption in Iceland changed the pressure the methane was being held under by a few degrees, its the pressure thats been keeping it frozen, our it would have erupted a long time ago.

The people drilling did not have real time measurements, so they were not prepared for the level of pressure that they encountered, it was way beyond what they had estimated and were expecting it to be when they hit the deposit

But factually speaking people shouldn't be calling it an oil spill, and the people saying that know thats not what it is.

You got fundies who still believe Iraq was a threat, and the Taliban had something to do with it all, people truly do believe whatever they decide they want to believe, so long as its not the truth, and the facts rarely have anything to do with it.

Even people who think of themselves as sensible and reasonable are just liars like the rest of us.

Liars whose only concern is their own ass nothing more, no matter what they claim.

what is happening in the Gulf is not a spill and never has been, its a gas-oil eruption, and there is 3000 to 5000 times more gas being released than oil.

Which when you do the math, its 1 part to 250,000 part oxygen depletion ratio occurring as the gas-oil, and various other chemicals, interact with the sea water.

Thats how I came up with 3-6 months, all life in the Gulf and Atlantic, 6-12mn all life in all oceans, 12mn - 2yr all life that breaths air on the surface.

Simple math try it yourself.