Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jim Cramer : $100 Oil by Year End

NEW YORK (TheStreet) - - Jim Cramer believes crude oil will reach $100 by year end. It worries him.

Jim Cramer :...... China does have tremendous demand for oil but the world to Washington. So I mean just -- price doesn't reflect. How much there is for sale. We know that from nordic tankers in the world and so the prices artificially climate. Short term term it's gonna be higher.

And you don't have to adjust to that but right now does not being hampered and on and there should be big -- natural natural gas by the way.

At the pump what had. -- all these reservations but natural silly. But trucking companies who get immediate payback it would switch to natural trucks. Off and if -- switch to natural gas -- system so much natural -- You would at least -- real competitor oil and you wouldn't be sending dollars overseas. War. I noticed that describe it that that's gonna happen it will get -- its -- gonna be a lot of switching......