Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mideast turmoil looming oil crisis?

The rising price of oil can have dire consequences on any economy, and with the unrest in Libya, things are not looking good at the pump here in the United States. On the heels of the unrest in the Middle East, crude is heading for the biggest weekly increase in two years. The crisis is also being used by some politicians and media outlets to exploit their message of "Drill Baby Drill." Whatever the solution to our dependence on foreign oil, the short term economic ramifications for many Americans still suffering from the economic crisis appear dire if food prices skyrocket as well.the oil from Libya and Saudi Arabia are different. oil from Libya is has little sulphur, but oil from Saudi Arabia has a lot of sulphur.EU's refineries (main importers of Libya's oil exports) arent equipped to process oil from Saudi Arabia.

America's OIL is our emergency reserve.
Unrest in the Middle East is raising fears of tighter oil markets with analysts warning we could see $220 per barrel in the near future if oil production is disrupted in Algeria or Saudi Arabia. Foreign Policy Contributing Editor Steve Levine says if Algerian protests bring a halt to oil production it could force Saudi Arabia to its capacity, that's when oil prices will skyrocket.
With this huge push to start Drilling in America, it's a safe bet that World OIL, is running out.

OIL energy has been supporting an unprecedented world population of 7 BILLION people, when it does run out, get ready for a world that looks like The Road Warrior.